Dr. Drew Admits to Drug Use, Lying to Family

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Dr. Drew Pinsky is most well-known for helping patients sober up. Turns out he knows all about their struggles based on his own experience.

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For decades, as we know, the good doctor has helped average folks and celebrities alike to combat and overcome addiction.

For instance, in 2010, Dr. Drew confronted Miley Cyrus about her lifestyle.  

And Drew offered Charlie Sheen support while Sheen was in rehab.

However, rumors have circulated for years that Dr. Drew used drugs in his past. In response to the rumors, mum was the word for the doc.

But yesterday, he came clean at last about his own checkered history involving drug abuse, including using cocaine.

He made the announcement on his HLN TV show Dr. Drew while covering the Duggar scandal and the idea of being perfect.

“I did drugs and alcohol when I was 22, 23 years old. I think I went around denying it when my kids were younger,” he said.

“There’s a very strict parenting rule I have which is ‘you do not tell anybody what you did in your adolescence/young adulthood unless you want your kids to do the same.'”

Now that his kids are older and out of school, he feels more comfortable opening up about his past:

“My kids just graduated from college so I can talk about anything right now. I did drugs - cocaine, alcohol, pot.” 

On the show, he also said that eventually he realized he didn’t enjoy using drugs. And once he began witnessing his friends’ addictions, he made a choice to not go down that road.

In 2010, DJ Jim Trenton told Life & Style magazine that he saw Dr. Drew do cocaine in the 80s.  But now, Drew has nothing to hide.

Dr. Drew said, “I am not perfect. I was a screwball like everybody else. I changed A LOT since I was a student.”

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