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Riley Curry already won the Internet when she crashed her dad’s playoff press conference a couple weeks ago, sang a Drake lyric into the microphone and came across as the cutest child in history.

But now Riley Curry is out to break the Internet forever and ever.

Prior to the first game of the NBA Finals last night, the two-year old wished her famous father luck by simulating Steph Curry’s famous chest tap and then giving her dad a kiss on the cheek.

Watch and melt into a million little pieces here:

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The pre-game routine clearly worked, too, as Curry went on to score 23 points, leading the Golden State Warriors to an overtime victory of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Also on ABC prior to the game, Curry showed his self-deprecating side.

Watch him join other NBA stars below in reading mean Tweets about himself on a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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