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Earlier today, we reported that Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital under rather mysterious circumstances late last night.

His team chalked it up to food poisoning, but many fans became suspicious after noticing that Sheen had been acting erratically on social media in the days leading up to his health scare.

The bizarre tirades directed at Sheen’s ex Denise Richards have since been deleted, but thousands had already noticed that they seemed to be the work of a man under the influence.

Sheen and Richards

Now, Radar Online is confirming that Sheen was on a bender prior to being admitted last night, and his entourage followed a strict protocol designed to keep news of Chuckles’ party mishaps out of the headlines.

“He was partying like a madman!” says one insider. “He complained that his heart was racing, that his heartbeat was much stronger than usual.

“Everyone at Charlie’s house was instructed that they are not to call 911 if there’s a medical emergency because the information would be released with a 911 call.

“It’s standard operating procedure inside his house that when there’s an issue, you call the local fire station, so there’s no record of the call.”

Yes, late night ambulance runs are so common in casa de Sheen that he’s figured out a way to keep his emergency calls from being recorded.

Sources close to the Sheenius say he’s been partying even harder than usual (no mean feat) ever since breaking up with Brett Rossi back in November.

Rossi was also hospitalized after reportedly becoming distraught over the end of her engagement to Sheen. We’d say these two should give it another shot, but, um…they didn’t exactly have the healthiest relationship.