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Last year, Charlie Sheen was briefly engaged to porn star Brett Rossi.

This is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about, so naturally, the relationship didn’t work out and the couple called it quits before making it to the altar.

Things didn’t end amicably, and Rossi was hospitalized for an overdose just days after moving out of Sheen’s home.

Sheen and Richards
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Reps for Rossi claimed that she had merely suffered a “bad reaction to prescription meds,” but it’s widely believed that the 26-year-old was attempting to take her own life.

Considering what we learned today about her harrowing final weeks with Sheen, it’s not hard to see why she may have been so distressed.

Radar Online is reporting that Rossi has threatened to reveal the horrific low points of her relationship with Sheen unless her ex forks over seven-figures’ worth of hush money.

Sources say the revelations include claims that Sheen choked her in a jealous rage, kicked her while she was pregnant, and threatened her life, asking, “Do you want to live to see tomorrow?”

“Charlie was both physically and verbally abusive, to the point that Scottine [Brett’s nickname] would hide in the security room at his home, cowering in a ball, crying about his abusiveness,” one insider claims. “She’s hidden in guest rooms, vcying for fear for her life.”

Sources say Rossi is planning to file suit against Sheen, but hopes that the actor will settle out of court. Sheen has issued a statement through his lawyers denying all allegations against him.