Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital Shortly After Suspicious Twitter Rant

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We've all been there: You're enjoying a few adult beverages and you decide to hit social media to let the world know your true feelings about everything from your triflin' baby mama to the infield fly rule.

Unfortunately, when you're Charlie Sheen and you have 11 million Twitter followers, it's not just your confused Aunt Edna who wishes she could click the "dislike" button on your late night ramblings.

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Charlie's Twitter rants seem to burst forth from his Sheenius brain every few weeks, and he usually deletes them (or apologizes for them) shortly thereafter, which leads us to believe he's frequently guilty of TUI (tweeting under the influence).

Sheen's relationship with Denise Richards is a common subject for his 140-character slam poetry, and his latest offering is no exception:

"This rules, the name Denise Richards as an anagram or jumbled means; ‘Charred Insides,’ purr-fect,” Charlie said. And no, he never explained the weird cat pun at the end.

Charlie was apparently upset that his ex is moving their kids to a different neighborhood in LA, so he took out his frustrations in the most grownup way possible. 

Nothing new there. What is new is that Chuckles was rushed to the hospital the next day under mysterious circumstances.

TMZ points out that Charlie's people called the fired department for an ambulance, not 911 (which automatically records the conversation).

Reps for Sheen told the website that Sheen's ailment was nothing more than a "really, really bad case of food poisoning."

Look, we're definitely not saying Charlie was hospitalized as the result of an epic several-day booze and blow bender. (Take note, Charlie's lawyers.)

What we are saying is that a tweet-and-delete followed by a low-key trip to the emergency room might raise suspicions for some. Feel free to tweet us if you wanna clear this up, Charlie, but please be nice. We're sensitive.

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