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Like The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, Ali Fedotowsky is on team Nick Viall, despite mixed reactions among fans to his shocking return this week.

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Nick’s second stint on the reality dating show was teased long ago by The Bachelorette spoilers, but many peeps just learned about it Monday night.

Following his epic rejection by Andi Dorfman – who told Kaitlyn to run, fast – and After the Final Rose meltdown last year, he’s back for another shot.

Having forged an online relationship with Kaitlyn this winter, Viall showed up in the fifth episode of the season and asked to come on board the show.

The other remaining guys weren’t happy about this turn of events, obviously, but Bristowe was totes smitten with Nick and brought him into the fold.

Among card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation, #TeamNick fans were scarce even before he melted down and embarrassed Andi and himself.

After she selected Josh Murray over Nick, Viall did not take it well – which is expected, but he came across desperate and inappropriate to many.

Now that he’s resurfaced, randomly, the critics are out in force – but he can count Ali Fedotowsky, the star of Season 6, as one of his vocal defenders.

At least by default. In a blog post, appropriately titled “Worst Group of Guys Ever? #TeamNick,” Ali touted Nick’s return and bashed his competition.

“I am so pumped he is back,” she wrote. “And as you can see from Kaitlyn’s face, she is pretty pumped too. This is the look of a girl in total lust!”

Ali also denied Nick was solely responsible for his re-casting, saying, “This new story line creates more juicy drama for the episodes ahead.”

“That decision was absolutely the producers’ decision and it creates good drama right when the show needs it – around episode 4 and 5.”

No argument there. Some might question A-Fed’s claim that this is “the worst collective group of guys in Bachelorette history,” however.

There are a few “pretty solid” options, yes, but “man, there [have] been one too many rotten eggs in this batch. Thank goodness Nick came.”

Ali does feel bad for Andi, though: “It’s got to be hard watching Nick go through this with Kaitlyn so soon after she experienced it with him.”

“I definitely didn’t love [Nick asking why they made love on After the Final Rose]. But I absolutely don’t judge him for it,” Fedotowsky wrote.

“If he were a woman, we would applaud the decision to call the Bachelor out for sleeping with multiple women. Why should we be upset with Nick?”

“He was emotional about what happened and it just came out. I actually like the fact that sex MEANT something to him beyond just the physical act.”

Do you agree with Ali’s assessment of Nick’s After the Final Rose comments? Either way, are you happy he’s back on the show or not? Discuss!