Kris Jenner to Rob Kardashian: Stay Inside, Stop Embarrassing Family!!

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Kris Jenner has gone beyond passive-aggressively shading Rob Kardashian and started ordering her only son to stay hidden, according to insiders.

Kris Jenner: Hands Up!
Overweight Rob Kardashian

Earlier this week, Kris attended Kanye's birthday party thrown by Kim Kardashian, which was notable in that she bailed on Rob's b-day this spring.

Despite erroneous reports that Rob Kardashian is in rehab, he has not checked into any treatment facility. Nor has he been dieting or back on track.

Rob was just spotted out and about for the first time in months, barely recognizable because of his new mustache and all the weight he's put on.

It’s no secret that Rob's been estranged from his family; there are even reports of Rob suing Kris Jenner for exploiting him on their E! reality series.

Although Kris has spoken out about Rob’s weight gain, depression, and alleged drug abuse, insiders say the Momager feigns concern to save face.

In actuality, the Kardashians - Kris more than anyone - are embarrassed by Rob’s appearance and conduct, and aren't happy he was out in public.

A source dished that when photos of Rob hit the Internet June 4, Kris was far from pleased. Which may be part of the issue. The source explained:

“Part of the reason Rob is so embarrassed and self-conscious is because every time that pictures of him hit the Internet his mother freaks out."

"She tells him that he needs to lay low until he gets himself together because he has been hurting their brand and making them look bad."

"Kris or Kim Kardashian have called him and put him down for getting caught by the paparazzi as soon as the pictures hit the Internet.”

At this point, nothing surprises us when it comes to Kris.

Can you just picture her flipping her lid over photos of Rob which she deemed not the most flattering, and which she did not sanction?

Yup. So can we.

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