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Ever since news broke that Patrick Dempsey would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, fans have been in an uproar, and many McDreamy devotees have demanded answers.

Yesterday, a rumor that Dempsey cheated on his wife with a Grey’s staffer began to make the rounds online, and apparently series creator Shonda Rhimes was less than thrilled to hear about it.

According to Radar Online, Rhimes sent a sternly worded email to her cast and crew warning that they would meet with the same fate as Dempsey if she found out they’d been talking to the press about his affair.

Shonda Rhimes
Photo via Ivan Nikolov/

“Shonda was very unhappy to learn Patrick’s affair with a Grey’s Anatomy staff member had been made public,” says one insider.

“Suspecting it was individuals from the cast and crew, she sent a stern reminder via email that anyone caught leaking information to the press would be fired immediately.

“Even though Patrick and Shonda are obviously not on the best terms, she doesn’t want to see his name dragged through the mud.”

Some fans have suggested that Rhimes spread the cheating rumor herself, so as to justify her controversial decision to fire Dempsey.

So maybe this latest “leak” is all part of her master plan?!

Frankly, we don’t what to think, but this whole mess is more dramatic than Grey’s has been in years!