24 Shocking TV Deaths

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We still miss them. We still wish these TV characters had never left. And we're still shocked by their deaths.

1. Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce was literally dragged to Hell on The Vampire Diaries. We'd like to think she's dancing and drinking somewhere on The Other Side still.

2. Sophie Devereaux

Sophie Devereaux
So much for Sophie Devereaux as a key player on The Originals. Her Season 1 death served as a shocker.

3. Moira Queen

Moira Queen
We can still feel the pain of Moira Queen's death on Arrow. It's almost as if we were the ones who were stabbed.

4. Will Gardner

Will Gardner
We know actor Josh Charles wanted to leave The Good Wife. But we still have nightmares about Will Gardner being gunned down in a courtroom.

5. Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell
If you're gonna go out, we suppose you might as well have your eyes literally crushed, as we witnessed with Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones.

6. Leslie Shay

Leslie Shay
We did NOT see this one coming. Chicago Fire opened Season 3 by killing off Shay.

7. Joss Carter

Joss Carter
Yes, we miss Joss Carter on Person of Interest. But we now LOVE Taraji P. Henson on Empire!

8. Nicholas Brody

Nicholas Brody
Nicholas Brody ran his course on Homeland. But the show was at its best when he and Carrie were going head-to-head, in more ways than one.

9. Tara Knowles

Tara Knowles
Rest in peace, Tara Knowles. You deserved better than to be carved up by Gemma in the kitchen of your own home.

10. Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene
Rest in peace as well, Hershel Greene. It seems like you had so much more wisdom to pass along on The Walking Dead.

11. Allison Argent

Allison Argent
It should not come as a surprise when someone dies on a show such as Teen Wolf. But we miss you, Allison Argent!

12. Patti

We mostly just love Ann Dowd, but we're at least encouraged by the fact that Patti doesn't appear to be fully dead on The Leftovers.

13. Alcide Herveaux

Alcide Herveaux
It's not so much that Alcide Herveaux died on True Blood. It's that his death was glossed over and forgotten about so quickly.

14. Walter White

Walter White
No, it was not surprising that Walter White died to conclude Breaking Bad. But his death simply has to be acknowledged in any list such as this.

15. Denny

Yes, we're going old school here. Only because the death of Denny on Grey's Anatomy may have been the saddest TV death of all-time.

16. Daniel Grayson

Daniel Grayson
Bang! Bang! He's dead. But, hey, at least Daniel Grayson got to see Emily Thorne naked on Revenge.

17. Zoe Barnes

Zoe Barnes
Zoe Barnes met her demise when Frank Underwood pushed her in front of a train to kick off House of Cards Season 2.

18. Omar Little

Omar Little
Omar never meant to harm anyone who didn't deserve it on The Wire. He was shot and killed during a convenience store run.

19. King Henry

King Henry
King Henry went sort of insane before meeting his end on Reign. It was a blast to watch!

20. Matthew Crawley

Matthew Crawley
Actor Dan Stevens wanted off Downton Abbey, so producers KILLED him off. Poor, poor Mary.

21. Mona Vanderwaal

Mona Vanderwaal
We reserve the right to change this if it turns out Mona Vanderwaal is actually alive on Pretty Little Liars.

22. Dr. Lance Sweets

Dr. Lance Sweets
We watched Sweets grow up before our eyes on Bones. And then we watched him die.

23. Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright
Scandal had no choice but to kill off Harrison Wright. Just Google all actor Columbus Short got into away from set.

24. Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd
Patrick Dempsey wanted off Grey's Anatomy. So Dr. Shephered for blindsided by a semi. Rest in peace!

25. Jon Snow

Jon Snow
It's official: no Game of Thrones character is ever safe. Look who they killed off on the Season 5 finale.

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