Kim Richards: Quitting Rehab For Daughter's Wedding?

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For days after Kim Richards was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star insisted that she does not have a problem and certainly doesn't need rehab.

Thanks to some ultimatums from her friends, family, and Dr. Phil, Kim finally came to her senses and agreed to seek treatment.

Now, just a few weeks later, however, Kim has reportedly made up her mind to ditch the facility.

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The problem it seems, is that Kim planned to leave rehab for her daughter's wedding, which takes place in Mexico next weekend.

The doctors in charge of her treatment now realize that a weekend on the loose followed by a return to treatment isn't such a great idea and they've encouraged Richards to skip her daughters wedding.

Radar Online is reporting that the reality star flipped when she heard their suggestion, and now Kim plans to quit rehab sometime in the coming week. 

“The facility doesn’t want to send a staffer to Mexico with Kim for Brooke’s wedding next weekend,” one insider says. “Kim just isn’t ready to be out in the world yet. But she is refusing to listen to any of the advice.

“Kim said if the rehab won’t send a staffer, she will just leave. Members of Kim’s treatment team want her to stay in rehab for 90 days, but she is balking.”

There may be more at risk than Kim's sobriety, as Richards could be facing jail time, and a completed stint in rehab would look mighty good to a judge.

It could all make for an interesting season of RHOBH...provided Kim's not locked up.

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