Lena Dunham on Hillary Clinton Support: Not About the Vagina!

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Lena Dunham would like to make two things clear:

  1. She will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  2. And it's not because Hillary Clinton is a woman.

Making her intention clear with the following Instagram photo, Dunham went back on social media after critics accused her of only supporting Clinton because they are the same gender.

On Team Hillary

"If I was gonna vote for someone just because she was female it would be [Lil Kim]," she joked, prior to turning series and adding:

"Accusing women of supporting Hillary just because she’s female is misogynistic BS. Women are smart enough to make decisions based on a number of factors: policy, track record, campaign strategy."

In the end, Dunham concluded that people should perhaps NOT insult women by pretending they vote "exclusively along vaginal party lines."

Expect plenty of candidates to get involved with celebrities in some way or another as we head toward the upcoming Presidential Election.

We've already seen Mike Huckabee come out in support of Josh Duggar, while Rick Santorum says he's sickened by the scandal.

Oh, and Dan Bilzerian says he's running for President. God help us all.

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