Kim Richards: Headed to Jail Following Relapse?!

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Over Memorial Day weekend, Kim Richards ditched rehab to attend her daughter's wedding, and the plan worked out about as well as you would expect.

Naturally, Kim got drunk at the reception and behaved so belligerently that her daughter won't speak with her and her sober coach quit on the spot. Whoops.

Kim Richards Up Close

Now, it looks like the fallout from Kim's idiocy may go beyond pissing off her family and the people who are paid to protect her, as Radar Online is reporting that the troubled Housewife jeopardized a sweetheart plea deal when she went on her bender.

“Kim would have had to successfully complete rehab, and the charges would have been dismissed,” one insider says. “The Beverly Hills Hotel didn’t want to proceed with charges if Kim was getting help.

"With Kim relapsing, the deal is now on hold, and the D.A. will most likely want a much longer rehab stint in exchange for the charges being dropped.”

Yes, Kim Richards might be headed to jail due to her inability to stay sober for a few weeks. 

Sure, she'll head back to rehab in a last-ditch effort to impress the judge, but considering she couldn't hack it the first time, we're skeptical about her ability to keep off the sauce for an even longer stint.

Of all the reality franchises on TV who would've thought the Real Housewives would produce the most jailbirds?

We hope Teresa Giudice and Apollo Nida are having a good laugh with their cellmates. 

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