19 Kids and Counting Advertisers Bailing, Cutting Ties with Show

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In the least surprising news ever, 19 Kids and Counting advertisers are getting the f--k out of dodge in the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal,

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Shortly after Josh Duggar admitted to molesting five underage girls, including some of his sisters, General Mills cut its ties with 19 Kids and Counting.

And now two more major advertisers are backing out of sponsoring the show. According to TMZ, Payless Shoe Source and Choice Hotels are done.

The companies’ decisions to sever their ties with the popular program came after customers began complaining to Payless and Choice Hotels.

Payless stated, “Our ads ran during this show as part of a larger buy w/ TLC. We are taking steps to have them removed from future episodes.”

Choice said, “We have decided to remove our advertising from the show."

It is unlikely that these will be the only companies yanking the plug. Walgreens, who also advertises on TLC, said they monitoring the situation.

Complaints have been vocalized from many sources in the last 72 hours.

Even June Shannon complained to TLC after her show was canceled following the revelation that June Shannon was dating a convicted child molester.

Shannon put out a very public statement that 19 Kids and Counting should also be canceled ... and threatening to sue for $1 million if it isn't.

Or if Honey Boo Boo is put back on the air ... which won't happen.

As of now, 19 Kids and Counting has been pulled by TLC. But no official word has come out confirming or denying if the show will be canceled for good.

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