Jaden Smith Deletes Social Media Accounts, World Rejoices

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If you followed Jaden Smith on Twitter, then you know that the kid spewed non-stop pseudo-philosophical nonsense that was sometimes good for a laugh and sometimes made you worry about the state of his mental health.

Sadly, the days of Jaden musing about time travel and sad oceans for the benefit of his millions of followers have come to an end. 

Not only has the 16-year-old deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts, he's committed the ultimate act of teen-Hollywood social suicide by locking his Instagram page. 

Jaden Smith at American Music Awards

The last we checked in on him, Jaden was wearing dresses and driving the Internet absolutely freaking wild in the process. So why would he choose to shuffle off the digital coil now, at the height of his popularity?

It could be all the criticism he takes for attempting to explain the nature of existence to his followers like he's some sort of spiritual guru, even though his understanding of basic concepts like when to capitalize a word could be described as shaky, at best:

Or it could be his creepy tweets about stalking ex-girlfriends and the fully-justified backlash that he receives for such awfulness.

Whatever the case, it looks like we'll never again be able to make fun of Jaden's ridiculous social media presence. Just kidding, he'll be back online as soon as the attention from this latest stunt dies down.

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