Lindsay Lohan Failed to Complete Service Hours AGAIN?!?!?

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Lindsay Lohan is at it again.

The star seems to botch most things. On Instagram, Lindsay posted poorly altered photos of herself. She was even caught using the n-word on the site.

Most recently, Lindsay attempted to use Arabic, but ended up telling fans "you're a donkey." Now, she isn’t just acting like a fool on social media.

The alleged actress is messing up her court ordered community service hours and is facing a not-so-favorable progress report hearing in L.A.

Lohan is required to re-do 125 hours of community service by May 28, a result of her 2012 conviction for lying to police officers and reckless driving.

This is the second time she has been ordered to do these hours. She didn't complete them the first time, and it doesn’t appear much has changed.

When Judge Mark Young indicated there were major inconsistencies in her past reports, he ordered her to perform 125 hours of service.

But when was the last time Lindsay Lohan did the right thing??? Never.

According to an insider, “Lindsay has hardly made a dent in the court-ordered 125 hours ... it’s an extremely unimpressive number so far: less than 20 hours total."

"She must complete 125 hours by May 28. No extensions, no excuses.”

Lindsay Lohan Community Service

Her Instagram suggests she has done at least a little work.

She posted a picture of stacked envelopes on a desk and captioned it “Communist Service ... office day” with two thumbs-up emojis.

She later caught her typo and changed it to “community.”

Community service does not give you bragging rights, LiLo, although catching the Communist error is a step in the right direction. Baby steps.

However, last week when she could have been getting her hours in, the washed up celebrity was spotted shopping in Milan, Italy.

Later, in Milan, she was caught having a sobbing meltdown in the middle of the street, to the surprise of onlookers and yet not at all.

A scheduled progress report is set for Thursday. Lohan is not required to attend, which is probably a good thing for her sake.

Getting reamed out seems inevitable at this point.

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