Jaden Smith Threatens to Stalk Ex-Girlfriends in Creepy Tweet

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Jaden Smith is a bit of an odd duck.

We don't know if there's any truth to his dad's claim that Jaden only owns one pair of shoes (there probably isn't), but whether or not he's actually living the life of a Malibu monk, he's clearly intent on showing the world that he's not your typical, privileged child-star D-bag.

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It would be a nice change of pace, except the problem is, Jaden is every bit as self-obsessed and narcissistic as the Biebers of the world, he just cloaks his ego in pseudo-intellectualism and spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

Usually, Jaden's bizarre Twitter ramblings feature plenty of harmlessly hilarious, nonsensical musings about time travel and sad oceans, but things took a dark yesterday when Jaden posted the creepiest of the creeper tweets:

"All I'm Gunna Do When I Get My License Is Drive By My X's House REAL SLOW," Jaden tweeted.

Okay, it's bad enough that this kid is 16 and he still thinks every word should be capitalized, but how is it that none of the adults in his life steps in when he posts crap like this?

We assume by "X's," Jaden means "exes," which means all of the former ladies in Jaden's life should probably just go ahead and dial 9-1 and get ready to hit the other 1.

Considering the depth of Jaden's obsession with Kylie Jenner, we hope she's got a serious security system on that $2.7 million mansion she just picked up.

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