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Hold on to your hats, people. The Douchepocalypse is nigh. Need proof? We have it.

Apparently, Jaden Smith tweets lofty and "philosophical" things in order to make himself sound … smart. But it pretty much backfires in the most awesomely hilarious of ways.

See these 15 Jaden Smith tweets for proof …

Okay. That Moises Arias tweet? HILARIOUS.

Even if Jada and Will Smith are being investigated by Child Protective Services over the incident that found Willow Smith in bed with the 20 year old.


We now also know that Jaden Smith is really confused about what, exactly, tools for brainwashing are. We should probably get him some counseling with Leah Remini

The one point on which we all agree? Jonah Hill IS a genius. And Jaden Smith should probably stop Tweeting until he figures out that he’s just not as smart as those babies he tweets about.

But he shouldn’t feel bad about his inability to comprehend social media. It’s not like he’s alone in that department, or that grown adults are immune from such ineptitude.

Here are some parents who need to get the eff off Facebook immediately: