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Well, perhaps we should’ve seen this rumor coming. Emily Ratajkowski plays Ben Affleck’s mistress in the new film Gone Girl, and now tabloids are reporting that the “Blurred Lines” beauty might be Ben’s real-life side piece.

Emily R.

Ben reportedly recommended Emily for the part ,and anyone who’s seen Ratajkowski’s sex scene knows it’s not hard to see why. Come to think of it, anyone who’s seen Emily Ratajkowski do anything knows it’s easy to see why.

Anyway, the ever-reliable Star magazine is reporting that Ben and Emily spent a lot of time flirting (and possibly more) on the Gone Girl set. “Sources” say Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner is understandably less than pleased:

“Ben and Emily just spent a lot of time hanging out in their trailers or at the hotel,” an insider claims. “Away from the Hollywood spotlight, they had a lot of privacy.”


“If Jen finds out he and Emily did have an affair, she would definitely divorce him. She’s put up with his crap for many years, so you better believe the divorce would be nasty.”

This isn’t the first report of Ben behaving badly on the Gone Girl set. In a recent interview, Affleck admitted to drinking heavily and gambling while making the film.

Affleck’s erratic behavior as of late (including an emotional tirade on Real Time With Bill Maher) has led many to speculate that there’s some turbulence in the Oscar winner’s personal life. 

Of course, it could just be the pressure of donning the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl for Batman v. Superman. Perhaps this is the Batfleck we deserve, but not the one we need.