Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Discuss Vanderpump Rules Cheating Allegations: Jax LIES!

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Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are out to set the record straight regarding his alleged cheating with Annemarie Kunkel, a.k.a. Miami Girl.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

The cute couple's side of the story has been pretty simple from the start:

  • There was no cheating by Sandoval in Miami
  • Annemarie Kunkel is desperate for fame
  • Jax Taylor is a pathological liar
  • Kristen Doute is insane

Despite how adamant the aforementioned accusers are, Tom's counter-arguments are hard to refute, and in Sandoval's new interview with Radar, he sticks to the bullet points.

“Jax has done things like this a number of times. It’s not one of those things you get used to,” Tom said. “It’s not like we will ever be best friends. Or anything like that.”

He's referring to Taylor's insistence that Tom Sandoval and Miami Girl had sex while he was dating Ariana Madix, which he has long denied took place.

“At any point, I know Jax would say something to get himself out of trouble," Tom says, believing that's exactly what was going on in this particular case.

"What is more annoying is that there are people in this world that take what he says seriously. We all know he’s lying 99.9999% of the time," Sandoval adds.

"[But] People who watch [Vanderpump Rules] don’t know that."

Ariana Madix, who recently moved in with Tom and has stood by him throughout (as fans who watch Vanderpump Rules online know), also weighed in.

“I told you not to get involved with them,” Madix said. “You can see in the edits that there are lots of jump cuts. Tom didn’t take any selfies with this girl."

"No pictures. Jax was gone the entire night with this girl’s friend."

"Tom is going to give you the detailed version of every story. He takes the scenic route which is what I love about him and he tells you the truth.”

Sandoval says "I tried to be calm in my approach" this season, but that sometimes backfires as "I feel like people are always trying to talk over me.”

“I wish I would have been harder on Jax. I wish I would have called Kristen out a little bit more. A lot of things,” he said. “But overall I feel like I did pretty good."

"I just wish my voice was heard more. It is frustrating because I tried really hard to get my points across. I’m not one to yell. I don’t feel like yelling achieves anything."

It's true. On this show, yelling and slapping generally win out ...

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