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As you’ve probably heard by now, Rob Kardashian compared his sister Kim to “the b-tch from Gone Girl” in an alarming Instagram post that immediately went viral last week.

The post still has not been deleted, and this is clearly not just a case of Rob making fun of Kim’s blonde hair like the rest of the world. 

He chose to liken his sister to a perfect-on-the-surface narcissistic psychopath for a reason. There’s been bad blood between these two for years, and according to insiders, it’s only getting worse.

Kim Kardashian Waist Training Selfie

Family friends say things came to a head when Rob bailed on Kim’s wedding back in May.

She took it as a personal affront; he felt that the whole star-studded international event was just the latest sideshow in the Kardashian circus, and he blamed her for turning his family’s private life into a public spectacle.

“They really have not been on speaking terms since the wedding incident,” a source tells Us Weekly. 

The insider adds that “the family has done everything they can to try and soothe tensions between Rob and Kim,” but the siblings have made no progress in mending their relationship.

The source claims that when Rob turned 28 last week, he hosted a small gathering and invited all of his siblings – except for Kim. 

“It is not Kim that has issues with Rob, it is Rob that has a ton of issues with Kim,” says the source. “Rob absolutely loathes Kim. He feels that she has destroyed his family and he doesn’t even know her anymore…She is dead to him.”

Wow. So there’s something to be thankful for: You may not have Kardashian money, but at least when you feud with one of your siblings, you don’t have to see their face (and every other part of them) all over the Internet every day.