Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: Already in Love?!

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It's only been a few days since the world learned that Taylor Swift is dating Calvin Harris, but according to sources close to the couple, they've been hanging out on the down-low for several weeks.

The recent photos of Swift and Harris shopping at Whole Foods together caused many on the Internet to joke that these two skipped the preliminary dating stage and rushed right into couple-hood and now it seems like that observation might not be too far off.

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Insiders told E! News recently that ever since Swift and Harris hooked up at the BRIT Awards, they've been moving extremely fast. 

"He is taken with her," says one source. "They connected at the BRIT Awards and it's been going on since then.

"It's been going on a few weeks and they actually make a great couple. They are just getting to know each other and we'll see what happens."

The source may be content to just "see what happens," but it sounds like, Caylor is already a thing, and we expect to see the singer and the DJ officially go public in the very near future.

"He is such a good guy," the insider says of Harris. "He's serious, but also very goofy at the same time. She really likes that combination. It's exciting for both of them. It's hard to meet someone in their business."

Yes, anyone who's followed her personal life over the years knows how hard it's been for Taylor to meet someone.

And anyone who saw her hilariously over-the-top reaction to winning an iHeartRadio Award last night knows she's a big fan of goofiness:

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