Taylor Swift: All Over Calvin Harris at BRIT Awards After Party?!

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Earlier this week, Taylor Swift complained that no one wants to date her.

The same day, Lady Gaga promised Taylor she'd meet her "Prince Charming."

Now, it seems that Gaga might be some sort of freaky fairy godmother, as no sooner did the Mother Monster make her prediction than dudes started beating down Taylor's door. 

Taylor Swift at Grammy Awards
Calvin Harris Photo

Quality dudes, too, not those John Mayer-types.

First, we learned that Taylor is dating Tobias Jesso, Jr. But like all Taylor dating rumors, that one won't be confirmed until she writes a breakup song about him.

Now, there's chatter of a different love interest in Taylor's life, and this one could come with a whole heap of complications.

UK tabloid Heat Magazine (we've never heard of it, either) claims that Taylor was spotted getting "very cozy" with DJ and producer Calvin Harris during last week's BRIT Awards.

The magazine claims Swifty showed off her "sexy moves" (we're believing this story less and less with each detail), as she and Harris danced to Jay Z's "99 Problems."

Yeah, there are a whole slew of reasons that we suspect this "report" is BS, but we'll just stick to the top two:

  1. Harris has a long-term girlfriend, and Taylor ain't no homewrecker.
  2. Taylor loves to dance, but there aren't a lot of "sexy moves" in her repertoire.

We're pretty certain that despite Gaga's prophecy, Taylor is still very much enjoying her "cats and female BFFs" phase.

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