Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: Dating?!

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Taylor Swift has been single for a long time at this point.

She's only 25, and her professional life couldn't be more hectic, so there's plenty of good reason for the singer to be taking some "me time" these days.

It's just that Taylor dated so many famous dudes when she first started out that we're conditioned to always be expecting another A-list romance.

Yesterday, we learned that Taylor has been contacting John Mayer, but it looks as though their conversations have been purely professional.

Today, we learned that Taylor has been spending time with British pop star Calvin Harris, and since we don't know anything about the nature of their relationship, we'll go ahead and speculate that they're madly in love:

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Photo
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris in Nashville

All kidding aside, Harris does possess many of the qualities that Taylor seems to look for in a boyfriend:

He's handsome, tall, successful, slightly older and definitely available.

Harris broke up with Rita Ora last year and has reportedly been single ever since.

The above photos were taken in Nashville earlier this week, and they certainly make it looks as though Tayvin (Caylor?) might actually be happening.

What's more, this isn't the first time there's been talk of these two hooking up.

Taylor and Calvin were all over each other at the BRIT Awards earlier this month, and those who witnessed their canoodling claimed they looked they were very much an item.

Looks like Taylor's long dry-spell may finally be coming to an end!

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