Fear the Walking Dead Promo: Is It a Good Morning, Los Angeles?

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Are you still trying to process all that went down on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16?

Are you still trying to figure out where things will go next for Rick, Michonne and (SPOILER ALERT!) a returning Morgan?

We're right there with you. But we've got a very long time to ponder where Season 6 may take these survivors.

We have less time to prepare for The Walking Dead companion series, however, as the horribly-titled Fear the Walking Dead debuts this summer. 

AMC aired the first teaser last night, immediately following The Walking Dead Season 5 finale.

The footage doesn't reveal very much, only that the spinoff will take place in Los Angeles and that residents will be getting shots for what they believe to be the flu.

Do you want to tell them it's actually the zombie apocalypse or should we?

The new show has already been picked up for a second season and, unlike The Walking Dead, looks as if it will depict the very start of the zombie outbreak.

The Walking Dead, of course, picked up with nearly everyone on Earth already dead or turned into a walker.

Fear the Walking Dead will star Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis and air a six-episode opening season.

Will you be tuning in for it?

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