Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: Shopping at Whole Foods in Matching Shirts! Totally Dating, Right?!

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Wow. We had already heard whispers earlier this week about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dating, but these photos pretty much seal the deal ... right?!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Pics

The most popular singer-songwriter on the planet and one of its most famous DJs might not seem like they're destined to get together, but here we are.

Tooling around Whole Foods on a Wednesday night, in Nashville?

Wearing casual, color-coordinated shirts no less? Pretty awesome.

We're sure there's an obvious professional reason they can hide behind to explain away this run-in ... at the same grocery store in Tennessee together.

Two different people posted Twitter pictures (above) of this sighting.

The two were first linked together when Taylor went to see Calvin, who broke up with Rita Ora last year, at his concert in Las Vegas earlier this month.

There were reports he chartered a private jet to fly her to the show. They were also flirting pretty hard at a BRIT Awards after-party in London in February.

Now here we are with late night Whole Foods sightings.

The evidence is starting to pile up, and they certainly make an attractive, musically-inclined duo (more so than some people on her long list of ex-lovers, below).

Might as well go public with it, you guys ...

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