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It’s been a rough few weeks for Suge Knight.

It all started when Knight was arrested for murder following a hit and run in which a friend his was killed.

Following his arraignment, Knight was rushed to the hospital and treated for massive blood clots.

Suge Knight, Cigar

Last week, while back in court to plead not guilty to unrelated robbery charges (The guy’s got a lot on his plate.) Knight was rushed to the hospital again, and this time his prognosis was even worse.

Speaking on his own behalf in court today (Knight recently fired his lawyers, because apparently he doesn’t have enough to worry about.), Suge stated that doctors informed him that his various ailments are causing him to rapidly lose his eyesight.

Knight claims he has not been receiving proper medical treatment since being locked up last month, and that if things don’t change, he may soon be blind.

Most Knight’s health problems are lingering issues from when he was shot six times back in August. (Did we say he’s had a rough few months? It’s more like a rough year.)

So to summarize: Suge Knight is locked up, facing life behind bars, suffering from blood clots, and slowly going blind. We think it’s safe to say life’s not too sweet for Suge these days.