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It’s may be a teensy bit tough to feel sorry for Suge Knight. Considering his very violent past and all. 

Still, during an arraignment for robbery charges, the former head of Death Row records was rushed from an Los Angeles courthouse back to the hospital for the second time Thursday.

According to TMZ insiders, he required medical attention for a stomach injury related to his latest shooting.

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Knight was shot six times during a possible assassination attempt on Chris Brown at a West Hollywood club back in September. Now those injuries are slowing down his multiple legal proceedings.

He plead "not guilty" to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges in a Compton court house a few weeks ago. He was then immediately rushed back to the hospital with chest pains.

Today, meanwhile, Knight was in court to face charges that he, along with comedian Katt Williams, stole a camera from a celebrity photographer. This time, he wasn’t even able to make it to court before he was forced to head back to the hospital.

Williams will still be arraigned, but Knight will have to recover enough to be able to leave the hospital without nearly dying first. His lawyer, David Kenner, said that Knight has been complaining of stomach pain since Wednesday.

Knight is one of the most notorious gangsters of all time, with reported ties to the Bloods gang in LA. Aside from the accusations of murder, drug dealing and general gangsterdom, he’s also been accused of holding Vanilla Ice upside down over a balcony!

Sadly, he can’t seem to stay healthy long enough to defend himself in court. I mean, it could all just be heresy, false accusations, cases of mistaken identities and being in multiple wrong places and multiple wrong times.

But we’ll never know … we’ll NEVER KNOW unless Suge Knight can make it into court.

And it’s good for Knight to stay healthy, because he deserves to have to sit through a lengthy, torturous trial process before getting sent back to prison.