Suge Knight: From Death Row to Near Death

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Marion "Suge" Knight has flirted with death several times in his life. Here's a look at some photos of him.

2. Suge Knight Mug Shot

Suge Knight Mug Shot
One of Suge Knight's many mug shots over the years. Man is never far from trouble it seems.

3. Suge Knight Mug Shot Photo

Suge Knight Mug Shot Photo
Check out this hot Suge Knight mug shot. One of many.

4. Suge Knight Claims Tupac Is Alive

Could Tupac Shakur have faked his death? That's the claim made by hip hop mogul Suge Knight.

5. Suge Photo

Suge Photo
Suge Knight. What a bad ass.

6. Suge Knight RIPS Ex

Suge Knight is ripping his ex Stormey Rahmdan ... and you gotta see how.

7. Suge Knight Shot at Club

Suge Knight gets shot at a club in West Hollywood on the eve of the VMAs.

8. Mug Shot: Suge Knight

Mug Shot: Suge Knight
This Suge Knight mug shot comes to us from an August, 2008 altercation. Bad Sugar Bear! Bad!

9. Katt Williams, Suge Knight Club Fight

Katt Williams and Suge Knight get into it with some peeps outside da club.

11. Suge Knight Mugshot (2015)

Suge Knight Mugshot (2015)
Suge Knight's mug shot following his 2015 arrest for murder, following a hit and run accident.

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Mug Shot: Suge Knight
Hip hop mogul. Possibly the scariest man around. Suge's real name: Marion. Yeah. Now you know why Suge Knight is such a hard ass. He must... More »
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