Lindsay Lohan Drops N-Word on Instagram, Quickly Deletes It

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You'd think by now, Lindsay Lohan would know that everything on the Internet is permanent.

For example, no one bought the Lohan Playboy issue, mainly because there are photos of Lindsay naked all over the Internet, and they're never going away.

So it's a bit surprising that despite her 3.1 million Instagram followers, Lindsay still thinks she can delete something from a post without a few thousand people calling her out.

Lindsay Lohan in the Hamptons

Here's the backstory, and you can decide for yourself if Lindsay effed-up or if the whole thing is being blown out of proportion:

Like the rest of the celebrity world, Lindsay is in Paris for Fashion Week at the moment. Last night, she went and saw Kanye perform  and boasted about it with a caption that included the hashtag, "#kanye&kimalldayniggas$."

As you might expect, people were a bit pissed off, and not because Lindsay clearly doesn't know how hashtags work. (You can't use an asterisk! That totally screws up your entire hashtag!)

Linds experienced some immediate blowback from her use of the N-word, and she quickly deleted it from the caption. But it was too late.

Thirteen hours later, followers are still calling Linds out, with comments like:

  • "She deleted the N-word so fast! Wow!"
  • "You deleted your original post! I saw what you wrote and so did thousands of others!"
  • "Why did you change what you originally wrote?"

Yes, it's not just the law that busts Lindsay on a regular basis. Sometimes her own fans point out her BS as well.

So is this as bad as the time Madonna dropped the N-bomb while referring to her white son? Not even close. But it's another reminder that sharpest tool in anyone's drawer.

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