Kendall Jenner Feels Up Justin Bieber in New Vogue Photo

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Is hot in here?

Or is it the latest photo of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner from the latest issue of Vogue?

The singer and the reality star are dubbed as members of this generation's "Brat Pack" by editors of the magazine, which features Bieber and Jenner chilling by the pool in one recently-released picture.

In this one, meanwhile, Justin has his shirt unbuttoned... Kendall has her hand on his famous six-pack... and millions of young women around the world likely have a severe case of envy.

Justin and Kendall in Vogue

Last summer, of course, the rumor mill was churning furiously with talk of romance between Bieber and Jenner.

Many sources even reported that Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber due to his cozy relationship with both Kendall and her sister, Kylie.

These rumors have never been substantiated, though Bieber clearly is very close to the First Family of Reality Television.

As you can see below, he's been known to hang out with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and company and one can only imagine how badly Kris Jenner must be pushing for one of her daughters to date The Biebs.

Let's just hope he resists any overtures in that regard. We don't think the Internet could handle it.

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