Rob Kardashian: Blames Kim For All His Problems, Source Claims

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Over the weekend, Rob Kardashian posted a photo of a blood-drenched Rosamund Pike, along with a caption in which he compared his sister Kim to "the b-tch from Gone Girl."

Since then, many theories have emerged regarding the feud between Kim and Rob. What would cause Rob to lash out in such a public fashion at the woman who made him and his family famous?

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Some have suggested that Rob believes Kim is Kris Jenner's favorite, and he's jealous of the attention that she receives from their mother.

Now, a new insider is claiming that Rob is so lost in his own self-loathing that he's lashing out at anyone around him, and as the most successful of his siblings, Kim is simply the easiest target.

"Rob is projecting all of his anger right now onto Kim, because he feels that she is the cause of his pain," the source tells Radar Online. "But Kim is not the cause of Rob's pain. She is simply the catalyst in this situation.

"Everyone is concerned for Rob right now. Rob's depression, anger, and everything associated with it, stems from the fact that he is not living healthy right now. He seems to be slipping off of the deep end."

The source points out that public talk of Rob's depression began way back in 2013 when Kris consulted a psychiatrist about her son's emotional issues on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

It was shortly after that that Rob began to avoid the public eye.

"Rob used to want the fame more than any of them," says the insider. "But when it turned on him, he became resentful of the person who started it all, which was Kim."

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