Jaden Smith Only Owns One Pair of Shoes and Five Shirts, Will Smith Claims

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Following a string of flops - including the notorious box office bomb After Earth -  Will Smith is furiously promoting his new movie, Focus, by making the media rounds in a big way.

Will covers the new issue of Esquire, and inside the mag he gives his usual PR-approved interview. Things turn especially BS-y when the topic of Will's kids comes up.

Will Smith Esquire Cover

In case you weren't already aware, Jaden and Willow Smith are possible cult members who frequently spout the kind of pseudo-philosophical nonsense that could only come from the mouths of insanely privileged teenagers.

Apparently, these days, when Jaden isn't explaining time travel and sad oceans to the New York Times, he's living like a monk.

A monk who's addicted to social media and lives in an enormous mansion:

"Jaden, my 16-year-old, he has one pair of shoes," Smith tells Esquire. "He has three pairs of pants and five shirts. Total. He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that."

We're not sure why Will decided to lie about something as unimportant as his son's wardrobe, but he probably should've checked Jaden's Instagram page first.

The kid posts constant selfies, and he's wearing never-before-seen outfits in just about all of them. 

It's often been rumored that the Smiths have no idea what's going on in their kids' lives (Last year, Will and Jada were investigated by Child Protective Services.), but they're usually better about concealing their ignorance.

Surely, Will has learned has lesson, and will commit the list of approved talking points to memory before his next interview.

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