Lindsay Lohan: Esurance Buying Her Out of Community Service?

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Lindsay Lohan kinda maybe didn't totally do like ALL of her community service requirement. And so to make up for it, she's convinced Esurance (yeah that Esurance) to pay ten grand to CSV, a London-based community service organization.

Lindsay Lohan Blows a Kiss

Yes, believe it or not, Lindsay has yet again shirked her responsibility to provide the community with her required hours of service for the crime of reckless driving back in 2012.

She tried. Goodness she's tried.

She stayed and talked with people who saw her in the play "Speed the Plow" in London. She actually stayed and talked with them. I mean you've got staying AND talking going on there.

That's community service, right?

Apparently not, according to the prosecutor who's still challenging Lindsay's "service" hours. He's also challenging the hours she spent providing "work shadow experience" to the children of London.

"Work" and "shadow." It sure sounds good, but Lindsay thought it literally meant just letting kids follow her around London. She forgot the all important 'work' aspect.

So those hours don't really count either.

Lindsay was already in hot water for failing to satisfy the judge's orders. Now she's set to land back in court on Wednesday. To make her landing a little softer, she asked Esurance to pay $10k to the community service organization, CSV, with which Lindsay's been working.

They agreed, of course, probably because of her recent Super Bowl ad.

Lindsay is hoping that the power of her combined excuses, plus the fact that she recently contracted an incurable disease, will at least buy her some time before the judge throws the book at her.

If it doesn't, Lindsay could see some actual jail time.

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