Lindsay Lohan Fails to Complete Community Service (Again), Plans to Use Epic Excuse

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Lindsay Lohan, having failed to complete her mandatory community service once again, plans to pull out an all-timer from her dictionary of excuses ...

She contracted an untreatable virus on vacation and she can't do it!

The troubled actress had better hope this time-honored defense works, because TMZ reports jail is on the table if the judge throws the book at her.

Lohan, obviously, has been on thin ice with her probation for years.

Wednesday, she has a court date to prove she completed the community service in connection with her 2012 reckless driving case, which she obviously hasn't.

She was required to perform 240 hours of community service by November 6, but her attorney Shawn Holley told the court she'd done almost ... half of that.

The lenient judge gave the star nearly three more months to wrap it up, but now the next court date looms and she's still nowhere close to the 240.

She plans to argue that the community service center in London was closed for two weeks during the holidays, and she was hospitalized with a severe illness.

Of course, the judge may be less than moved, given that she contracted said virus while vacationing in Bora Bora. And then there's her track record.

Boy is it a terrible track record. Beyond terrible. It includes:

  • Failing to complete her alcohol education program
  • A warrant issued after she was a no-show for court
  • A warrant issued after her ankle monitor going off
  • Failing to complete her alcohol education (again)
  • Fighting a woman while in rehab at Betty Ford
  • Probation being revoked after a positive drug test
  • Showing up late to court after missing a flight
  • The infamous necklace theft in Venice Beach

As we were saying ... all it takes is one pissed off judge and Lindsay could be taken into custody. That's not even the complete list or close to it, people!

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