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Baby, there were fireworks at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona on Sunday, as Katy Perry anchored a musical performance full of pomp, circumstance and colorful hair.

It opened with Perry doing her best Katniss Everdeen impression, rocking a flame-themed outfit and riding a giant lion as she sang "Roar."

She then broke into "Dark Horse" while backup singers wore really weird costumes, transitioning from there into a duet of "I Kissed a Girl" with Lenny Kravitz.

COSTUME CHANGE! Perry proceeded to dance with some sharks and beach balls while belting out her hits "Teenage Dream" and "California Gurls."

Who showed up after that? Missy Elliott! She got her freak on and she worked it alongside Perry. Raise your hands if you saw that one coming.

Finally, the pop star concluded festivities by shooting across the sky (literally!) for a rendition of "Firework," which, yes, included some actual fireworks.

And that was that. What did everyone think? It was definitely unique, you’ve gotta give Katy Perry that. She may not be a dancer, but she’s certainly an entertainer. And an elaborate stager.


How did it compare to halftime acts of Super Bowls past?

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