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It featured arguably the craziest ending in Super Bowl history, and definitely the worst play call.

It opened with Idina Menzel singing the national anthem and it featured Katy Perry riding a giant lion, dancing with dolphins and flying through the air like a shooting star at halftime.

But let’s face it: all anyone cares about from Super Bowl XLIX are the commercials.

Some were funny, like Liam Neeson shilling for Clash of the Clans and Bryan Cranston reprising the role of Walter White. We mean "Sorta Greg," sorry esurance.

Others aimed to inspire, such as Jeep taking 90 seconds to remind folks why they ought to be kind to their planet.

Many features celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Mindy Kaling to Brett Favre to Sarah Silverman.

And still others made us want to cry. Thanks a lot, Nationwide, for reminding us that children often die from accidents at home. We’ll totally buy your product now!

Which was the best? Which was the worst? Which was the most confusing?

Relive the most memorable Super Bowl XLIX commercials above and compare them to some favorites from last year below.