2015 Super Bowl Commercials

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Which Super Bowl XLIX commercial was your favorite? Click through them all now.

1. Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Commercial

Kim Kardashian shills for T-Mobile in this commercial. But it's not just any commercial: it's a Super Bowl commercial!

2. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: Lost Dog

Budweiser has unveiled its latest, totally adorable Super Bowl commercial. Check it out now and prepare to melt!

3. Victoria's Secret Super Bowl Commercial

Victoria's Secret has released its official commercial for Super Bowl XLIX. Sit back and take in all the sexiness now.

4. Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

Danny Trejo on The Brady Bunch?!? Check out this awesome commercial from Snickers for Super Bowl 49.

5. Lindsay Lohan Super Bowl Commercial

Lindsay Lohan stars in this Super Bowl commercial. She doles out some advice on behalf of Esurance.

6. Nationwide Super Bowl Commercial

Mindy Kaling stars in this Nationwide Super Bowl. We love the actress and we love the ad.

7. Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

Ready to "Come Alive?" Mountain Dew aired this commercial during Super Bowl XLIX.

8. Wix.com Big Game Commercial

This Super Bowl commercial for Wix.com features quite a few familiar faces. Who do you recognize? Watch it now.

9. Ickey Woods Super Bowl Commercial

Ickey Woods stars in this Geico Super Bowl commercial. Check out the former running back in action!

10. Reebok Super Bowl Commercial

Are you inspired?!? Check out this Reebok Super Bowl commercial from Super Bowl XLIX.

11. Charlotte McKinney Carl's Jr. Ad

Hello, Charlotte McKinney! Is this the next Kate Upton?!? ?Chek out the Charlotte McKinney Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Ad here.

12. Nissan Super Bowl Commercial

Nissan attempted to tug on the heart strings of its viewers with this Super Bowl commercial. Are you #withdad? Check it out now.

13. Doritos Super Bowl XLIX Commercial

Want someone to sit by you on a plane? According to this Doritos Super Bowl commercial, you just need a bag of chips.

14. Walter White Super Bowl Commercial

Bryan Cranston stars in this amazing Esurance commercial. Say his name, people! It's Walter White.

15. Nationwide Super Bowl Commercial: Make Safe Happen

This Nationwide Super Bowl commercial has created quite an uproar. Because it warns of ways in which your chil may be killed.

16. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

This land is your land, people. Treat it well. So Jeep reminded us during Super Bowl XLIX.

17. T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman teamed up for this Super Bowl commercial. What did you think of it?

18. Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: When Pigs Fly

Pigs actually fly in this Super Bowl commercial. How so? Watch right now and find out!

19. Clash of the Clans Super Bowl Commercial

HA! Check out this Clash of the Clans Super Bowl commercial for a look at tough guy Liam Neeson. Who knew he played video games?

20. Squarespace Super Bowl Commercial

Hey, it's Jeff Bridges! Check out this Super Bowl XLIX commercial from Squarespace.

21. Loctite Glue Super Bowl Commercial

It's all about finding the right glue. According to this Loctite Glue Super Bowl commercial, at least.

22. The Voice Super Bowl Commercial

The Voice returns to NBC on February 23. Check out a commercial that aired for the new season during the Super Bowl.

23. Nick Offerman Super Bowl Commercial

Nick Offerman stars in this Super Bowl commercial for NASCAR. The spot is under fire for being insensitive to those with a gluten allergy.

24. Jamie Casino Super Bowl Commercial

Jamie Casino is a Savannah-based lawyer. This year, he delivered yet another insane Super Bowl commercial.

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