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All week we’ve enjoyed watching the New England Patriots celebrate their well-deserved Super Bowl victory.

But apparently, someone should halt the parade and take away Rob Gronkowski’s cheap beer, because according to Katy Perry, the  game wasn’t actually all that important, and the real reason America tuned in was to see Katy ride a giant lion in her Bam Bam Bigelow costume.

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A record 114 million people watched to the game, making it the highest-rated broadcast in television history. And the ever-humble Ms. Perry was more than happy to take credit for that:

"MOST WATCHED SHOW IN US HISTORY?!" Katy tweeted this week. "Whelp, I gotta keep reminding myself I put my pants on one leg at a time…But, yes I am incredibly proud!"

Look, we’re not trying to take anything away from Katy. She has every reason to be proud.

But the fact remains that she could’ve given the exact same performance, on the same network, in the same time slot any other Sunday of the year and she would’ve gotten about 1/100th of the audience.

Katy and her dancing sharks put on a hell of a show, but taking credit for the largest TV audience in the American history seems insanely egotistical, even by the standards of a wildly successful pop star.

Dial it down a notch, KP. Last we checked, you’re name isn’t Kanye Perry.