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Ashley Graham is the new hotness.

Yes, Hannah Davis has been tapped to cover the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but the Internet is equally abuzz over Graham today.

That’s because Graham has become the first-ever plus-size model to pose for this iconic issue.

Ashley Graham Pic

Aside from her size (16 and proud of it!), what should you know about Ashley Graham?

SHE HAS CELLULITE… SO WHAT? "It’s cellulite city back there," Graham – who has graced spreads in Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar – recently told The Huffington Post.

"A little bit [of Photoshopping] is fine, and there’s a time and a place for it. On the other hand, if you’re forming my body into something it’s not, I’m not okay with that."

TOO HOT FOR TV? In 2010, Graham’s lingerie ad for Lane Bryant was actually banned from Fox and ABC.

"The Victoria’s Secret girls can flaunt around their panties all day long, but when there’s a bigger woman with a little bit extra, they snipped it out immediately," she told a local New York station at the time.

Following criticism from the plus-size company – along with public backlash – Fox agreed to air the commercial during the last 10 minutes of American Idol.

SHE THINKS JENNIFER LAWRENCE SHOULD EAT A CHEESEBURGER. "Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves – she’s tiny," Graham told The Edit last month, adding:

"There needs to be more education in schools, because that’s where eating disorders start. It’s not just about being healthy; it’s also about loving who you are."

HOW DOES SHE KNOW J. LO? After signing a contract with Wilhelmina, Graham(a Size 10 at the time) went on to become the first face/body of Jennifer Lopez’s plus-size clothing range.

SHE’S A MOMMY’S GIRL. "My mom is a very encouraging woman. My whole life she told me, ‘You have to love who are. You have an amazing personality, you have a great heart. Just be who you are,’" Graham told Net-a-Porter.