Wiz Khalifa: Amber Rose is a "Foul Creature"

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When Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa in September after just over a year of marriage, many believed that the divorce would get ugly, and now it looks as though that prediction is coming true: 

Mr. and Mrs. Khalifa

Amber confirmed that Wiz cheated on her (with twins, no less) shortly after news of their split went public.

Then - as anticipated - Wiz and Amber's custody battle quickly became contentious, and based on the rapper's latest Twitter tirade, it seems things are only getting worse:

"A woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kid's father is a foul creature," Wiz tweeted in a clear reference to his ex, Amber.

He later assured fans that the conflict had been resolved, tweeting, "Seen my boy. All is well."

Despite the fact that Wiz and Amber seem to have settled their dispute, it's telling that the rapper's initial diss has not been deleted.

Amber has yet to acknowledge her latest spat with Wiz, but she's spoken openly about their difficult separation in the past.

However things play out between these two, we're hoping that the conflict doesn't negatively affect the way they raise their son Sebastian, who celebrates his second birthday this month.

We do, however, hope that the Wiz Khalifa-Carla Howe sex tape eventually sees the light of day. Sorry, Amber.

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