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It’s good to be Gronk.

At least that’s the way it seems based on Rob Gronkowski’s bro-tastic behavior in the days following his team’s thrilling Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

On Monday, the Patriots tight end stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to reveal that he basically plans on being drunk until training camp starts. Today, he revealed his commitment to that agenda:

Rob Gronkowski: Super Bowl Victory Parade Video

Yes, that’s Gronk wearing a Despicable Me Minion hat and guzzling what appears to be a Natty Light.

Hey, if Julian Edelman can have random one-night stands to celebrate the big win, surely Gronk should be permitted to Gronk-out midday in the streets of Boston, right?

Hey, anything beats Brady jumping for joy. Someone please teach that dude a decent victory dance before he retires.

In addition to the beer-guzzling, a fan tweeted that she heard Gronk say to a Boston police officer, "Dude, I got some [Grey] Goose, you want some?" We’re guessing the cop declined.

Gronkowski’s partying has landed him in trouble in the past, but we doubt anyone will give him any problems this time around.

Not only did he just help pull off one of the most incredible wins in Super Bowl history, but the dude is 6’6", 265 and he’s clearly rocking a belly full of cheap beer.

We wouldn’t advise trying to tell him what to do. There’s a good chance you could get Gronked.