Katy Perry Halftime Performance GIFs: Dancing with the Sharks

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She didn't dance like Bruno Mars. And she didn't expose her nipple like Janet Jackson.

But Katy Perry did take to the stage at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday night and ride a fake lion while dressing like The Girl on Fire.

She also danced with some sharks and a few beach balls. She got her freak on with Missy Elliott. She grinded all up on Lenny Kravitz. She rode around on a shooting star.

In short, Perry made up for her lack of dancing ability with the most elaborate staging you'll ever see at the Super Bowl.

From human chess players to a few California Gurls to... did we mention the GIANT FAKE LION that brought the artist out to the field?!? It's worthy of another shout-out.

Relive Perry's memorable performance above and then hand out a grade below. How did she fare?

Also, how did she fare when compared to past Super Bowl halftime acts? Here's a look back through musical time...

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