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The gambling website that was talking bets on whether the Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime performance would include her cleavage has reached a verdict:

It’s debatable whether this can be called "cleavage" or not, so … both sides win!

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Being a Katy Perry performance, plenty of eyes were glued to the screen … specifically her outfits and specifically her chest’s role in those outfits.

The star did not disappoint in that regard, but there was no clear evidence to declare a winner in the epic wagers placed on BetOnline (dot) ag.

Bettors could place Katy Perry cleavage bets using the following odds:

  • "Yes" -500
  • "No" +350

For the non-degenerate gambler readers among us, the "No" option means $100 gets you $350 if you are correct and Katy’s boobs are contained.

This was handicapped as the less likely scenario going in, so a bettor would get more bang for the buck if they had the balls to bet against the boobs.

Conversely, to bet "yes" to cleavage, which was obviously more likely in addition to preferable, you had to put up $500 to earn just a $100 return on your investment.

To wit, Katy’s beach ball look was plenty busty … but was it cleavage?!

Her chest was on display, there’s no disputing that for even a second.

It was still relatively covered up, however, and while there was a hint of breast visible, especially during the beach ball portion, it was barely that.

Nothing like some of the outfits seen from her in the past (see below).

Moreover, some people at the company felt that the boobs weren’t pushed together, there was technically no cleavage in the true sense of the word.

One of the great debates of our time, to be sure. With the potential for endless controversy and no consensus in sight, BetOnline did what it had to:

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt! If you bet on this, you won!

Gotta give the people what they want, right? Money and Katy Perry’s cleavage (even borderline cleavage) would make even a Seahawks fan happy.

Or at least a tiny bit less miserable after Pete Carroll’s dubious play call and Malcolm Butler’s interception ruined their lives forever last night.