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Sure, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show was every bit the candy-coated pop confection that her fans had hoped it would be, but it was a supa dupa fly hip hop icon from Katy’s middle school days that may have stolen the show. 

Katy’s surprise guest was none other than living rap legend Missy Elliott. (She was also joined by Lenny Kravitz who rocked out with an unplugged electric guitar, but that’s a different story.)

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Elliott suffers from Graves Disease and has been largely absent from the music world in recent years as a result of her condition.

So it was a treat for fans of 90s hip hop to see Elliott looking energetic, healthy, and trimmer than ever during last night’s performance.

Elliott lost over 70 pounds (!) at the height of her success and at 43 she appears to have kept the weight off.

Some have even speculated that she dropped another 10 pounds or so, but unless the press-shy Elliott decides to speak publicly about her size, we’ll probably never know for certain.

And, of course – it doesn’t really matter what the scale registers for Missy these days. The reason her rare appearance made waves is that it was both a welcome bit of nostalgia and a reminder that the Missy is doing just fine.

The rapper tweeted last night that she was so emotional after her performance that she broke down in tears. We’re sure her devoted fans had similar reactions.