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It may be the most-anticipated film of 2015, but at least one woman in Fifty Shades of Grey’s target audience will definitely not be purchasing a ticket for the first installment of the big-budget porn trilogy.

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"She doesn’t want to watch this," Jamie Dornan replied when asked if his wife, Amelia Warner, would be seeing the film. "I am not going to put any pressure on her either. She’s well aware that it’s pretend, but it’s probably not that comfortable for her to watch."

Yes, "comfortable" is not a word that comes to mind when we think of the Red Room of Pain.

We can’t say we blame Jamie’s wife for keeping her distance, but perhaps it would help if she was aware of the rumors that Dornan and Dakota Johnson hate each other?

Come to think of it, we’re sure he’s already filled her in on his feelings about his co-star.

We imagine the past couple weeks have been rough on Amelia, what with being forced to see Dornan and Johnson naked together in a slew of Fifty Shades promotional material. 

So it makes sense that she won’t be accompanying her husband to any of the premiere events. But at least she can comfort herself that Dornan won’t be nude in Fifty Shades.

Of course, we’re sure Dakota will be naked enough for the both of them.