Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson: NAKED in Racy Fifty Shades Promo Pics!

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Well, it's finally here. 

Red Room of Pain Week is upon us, as Fifty Shades of Grey is soon to hit theaters with a bang. (Make that several bangs.)

Despite rumors that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hate each other, the kinky onscreen couple has been making the media rounds to help psych fans up for what could be the one of the biggest R-rated blockbuster hits of all time.

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Sex Stare

So consider yourself warned - the gallery above gets increasingly NSFW as it progresses.

You won't see Dornan fully nude here, but then again, you won't see that in the movie, either.

You've gotta give credit to the film's marketing team credit for enticing crowds with reminders of the movie's more porn-y elements (See: above), while at the same portraying Fifty Shades as a harmless good time at the movies for fans of the book who may feel intimidated by the prospect of watching a skin flick in public.

(See: Dakota Johnson's "anything can be sexy" sketch from last night's Fallon.)

So check out the slideshow above, for a bit of the Fifty Shades' teams inspired viral marketing. 

It should be enough to hold you over until the real sexy-time starts this weekend. So make sure you've got your advanced tickets, and whatever you do...don't forget your safe word.

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