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Last night on Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 10, Jep and Jessica completed their move into Willie and Jase’s neighborhood. How did that turn out, exactly?

Watch Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 10 Online
Watch Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 10 Online

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 10, Jep and Jessica moved into his brothers’ hood, but that was only half the story, as Jep was stricken with health crises.

Fans of the family knew about Jep Robertson’s seizure a few months ago, but probably not that he was sidelined during this particular moving endeavor.

Moreover, we can’t imagine what the amazing Jessica Robertson and their four beautiful kids were going through as they were unsure of his fate.

It’s the kind of thing that really does put life in perspective, and when facing adversity, we saw the tight-knit Robertson clan bond together once again.

Fortunately, Jep will be alright, and Willie and the rest of family were quick to jump in and help Jessica get her new home ready in time for his arrival.

Never one to miss an chance to be ridiculous, even in serious times, Jase and company went to a redneck auction to find the ideal housewarming gift.

It was great stuff all around, and for fans, this season went by much too fast. How much longer can we expect to watch Duck Dynasty online or on A&E?

The show has taken a bit of a hit in the ratings since the Phil Robertson controversy of late 2013, but part of that is also just viewer fatigue after 6-7 seasons.

Duck Dynasty is still a solid performer for A&E, and its core fans seem as devoted as ever. Luckily for them, signs point to Season 8 airing later this year.

Oldest brother Alan Robertson has signaled that the family would keep the show going through 2015, while fans have suggested that filming is underway.

Nothing has been confirmed, but there’s hoping the bearded brethren (and Alan for that matter) return sooner rather than later, and better than ever.