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It’s almost here.

After months of anticipation, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will hit theaters and millions of randy fans will line up to see if the jaw-dropping sexcapades that made the book an international sensation are just as hot on screen.

Naturally, a major factor in whether or not the film adaptation will work is the chemistry (or lack thereof) between leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Unfortunately, if Johnson and Dornan’s press tour is any indication, the relationship between the co-stars is less hot and heavy and more ho-hum.

The earliest indication that Johnson and Dornan are less than BFFs came during a Today Show interview to promote the first Fifty Shades trailer.  

The tension between the two was so clear that Natalie Morales asked (jokingly) if they hate each other. She seemed a bit taken aback when Dornan nodded yes, and Johnson simply dodged the question: 

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson: Awkward Fifty Shades Interview

That’s just one of many awkward interviews involving the two people who are supposed to convincingly pretend to be mad with lust for one another. 

In fact, sources close to the film say that thus far the Fifty Shades press tour has been an utter disaster.

In addition to the fact that Dornan and Johnson seem unable to hide their contempt for one another, their lack of enthusiasm for the film itself is often obvious when they’re describing their steamier onscreen interactions.

Sex scenes are obviously central to the film and both actors seem to be going out of their way to provide spectacularly un-sexy descriptions when asked about their characters’ famously kinky coitus.

Johnson has described filming the scenes as a "task," Dornan has said that he found filming to be unpleasant and stated that he would "take a long shower" before returning home to his wife.

So who’s up for two co-stars who hate each other and were clearly disgusted by their own love scenes? We think the John Oliver Fifty Shades audition might have actually been sexier than that.