Tila Tequila Wins Best Celebrity Sex Tape Award, Offers it to Farrah Abraham Instead

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We're not sure what's more shokcing, Farrah Abraham not winning the AVN Award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, or the winner offering it to her instead.

That winner, of course, being Tila Tequila.

A Future Goddess?
Farrah Abraham With Lip Injections

Tila took home the coveted award for her perfomance in Tila Tequila 2: Backdoored and Squirting, besting Farrah Abraham's Backdoor Teen Mom.

Yes, there appears to be a theme here.

Tequila says she'd be happy to give up the honor to Farrah, however, because she clearly wanted it more, and Tila has other priorities in life.

For real. This is what she's saying.

Tila Tequila gave birth to a baby girl in November, and that's where her focus is. She wants to be known as the best mom, not for the best anal sex.

Farrah, of course, is also a mom, but seems quite into the idea of filming pornos she tries to pass off as leaked sex tapes and cashing in on it.

During the AVN Awards ceremony, Abraham erroneously and hilariously stood up as Tila was named the winner in this prestigious category.

Obviously, she thought she was going to bring it home, and was looking forward to it ... funny for a woman who insists you not call her a porn star.

No word if she plans on taking Tila up on her offer, or whether she and Simon Saran are getting to work on a "leaked" video to win next year.

We would put nothing past her.

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