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Lawyers for Teresa Giudice tell a New Jersey NBC affiliate that the disgraced reality star turned herself in to authorities at Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut.

She checked in around 3 a.m. this morning.

Mortgage Fraud

Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud back in March.

Sources say Teresa’s first hours at Danbury included a strip search and thorough psychological assessment.

Of course, prison therapists won’t be the only ones who are interested in finding what the Housewife-turned-convict is made of:

"She may be tested by other inmates because of her notoriety," a source tells celebrity gossip site Radar Online. "More in the way of snide remarks than threats."

Insiders say Teresa was not joined by husband Joe Giudice, who will begin a 41-month sentence after Teresa is through doing her time, as she reported to prison.

A judge permitted the Giudices’ to stagger their sentences so that one parent could always be free to care for the couple’s four daughter.

Little is known about how Teresa plans to spend her free time in jail.

A year-plus behind bars will offer plenty of it, and sources have indicated that the polarizing reality star hopes to cash in by writing a tell-all book about her experiences.

Will that come to fruition? Only time will tell, but you can watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online at TV Fanatic to see Teresa in happier times.